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Important milestones on the way to the 700th bell

Year(s) The most important events
1834 and 1839 Production of the first two bells made of cast iron
1852 Casting of the first church bell for the Lutherian Church in Schwarzheide
1919 – 1926 In a branch factory in Torgau, some steel bells were made, with rather immense proportions. Bell weight of 3 tonnes or more not a rarity
1920 – 1939 Some 500 bronze bells leave the factory in Lauchhammer, of which approx. 10% survived the bell destruction of the Second World War
1929 Casting of the largest bronze bell in Lauchhammer for the Castle Church in Wittenberg, with a weight of 4.5 tonnes. Unlike this bell, the 3 tonne bell in Berlin Cathedral, dated the same year, has remained
1939 The last known bell before the Second World War, in the chapel of the Social Service Agency in Halle
1994 The first modern bell was cast on 2 December. The bell was installed in the Evangelican Church in Dübrichen, Doberlug-Kirchhain. Its weight: 200 kg
1995 An 11-chime glockenspiel from Lauchhammer is installed in a park in the Japanese town Kosaka
1996 The “Peace Bell” was cast from reclaimed copper and tin of the arms industries of the two former superpowers, for a newly built church in Würzburg – it bore the symbol “Swords to Ploughshares”
1997 On 23 May, the bell “Micha” was cast for Halberstadt Cathedral. It weighed 2.3 tonnes.
On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the “Gloriosa” in Erfurt Cathedral and the related “European Bell Day”, two bells were cast in the open air, on the steps of Erfurt Cathedral. At the same time, an already cast bell was awarded to the city of Vilnius, as a present by the city of Erfurt
1998 In the Spring, a four-bell system was produced for Warin/Mecklenburg. The second-largest bell is the 100th bell since 1994.
In April, a World Bell was cast – it combined the East and the West. The St. Jakobus Catholic Church in Zerbst and the St. Johannis Evangelican Church in Rinteln/Weser each receive 2 bells. In autumn, the biggest chime so far known was cast. The St. Johannis Ev. in Sundern/Sauerland Catholic Church received six bells with a total weight of approx. 5 tonnes
1999 On 3 September the new “Domina” was created for Halberstadt Cathedral. With its weight of approx. 8.3 tonnes, it is the biggest Lauchhammer bell to date. A larger chime was delivered to Pommern for the first time. The Town Church in Torgelow receives 5 bells
2000 On the occasion of the 275th anniversary of the Lauchhammer artificial products foundry, a Jubilee Bell was cast for the town.
8 bells were delivered to Leinefelde/Eichsfeld, and with it all the bells were renewed. One year later, the district of Beuren received another four-chime bell
2001 The bells of the Cathedral in Dresden were supplemented with the 200th bell, which weighed 1260 kg.
The Town Church in Rathenow receives two big bells for the tower that was newly rebuilt after major damage during wartime
2002 10 bells were sent to Tanzania, and one to Indonesia.
Several larger bells were cast for churches in the Saxony church province: for the St. Laurentius Church in Halle, for Riestedt in Sangerhausen, and for Langenweddingen and Wanzleben
2003 The six-chime bells of the St. Marien Church in Salzwedel were completely renovated and complemented with the newly cast “Shalom Bell”. The municipality of Twist/Rühlermoor receives three more bells in addition to the large bell already cast for it in 2002, resulting in a 4-chime bell system from Lauchhammer, also sounding in Emsland
2004 The Evangelican Lutherian Church in Gaußig (Bischofswerda) received the first four-chime knell in Sachsen with a weight of 3 tonnes. In autumn, the church in Hohenzollernplatz, Berlin received a new 4-chime knell with a total weight of 6 tonnes.
On 3rd September, the 400th bell was cast. Its total weight was 870 kg and it was made for the Evangelican Church in Klötze/Altmark
2005 A three bells will be delivered to Babenhausen-long town near Frankfurt (Main)
2006 The 500th bell was cast for the Apostle Church in Dresden-Trachau, and was carried in the “800 years or Dresden“ procession
2007 A bell was installed on the Bahnhofplatz in Lauchhammer and was thus referred to as the bell casting city of Lauchhammer by visitors
2008 The Lutheran Church in Radebeul receives 3 new bells with a total weight of 3.3 tonnes.
The first bell, weighing 1.67 tonnes, is recognised as bell No. 600 since church bell casting was resumed in Lauchhammer in November 1994.
3 bells for St. Nicolai Church “MARTIN RINCKART” in Eilenburg, total weight 5 tonnes
2009 The St. Marien Church in Prenzlau, one of the largest brick buildings in Germany, receives two big bells with a total weight of 5.5 tonnes.
Evangelican Church St. Petri in Förderstedt received 3 bells with a total weight of 3 tonnes
2010 In December, the 700th bell was cast, for Wilthen in Sachsen. Its sound was customised most strictly – this is only necessary otherwise for glockenspiel bells. The second bell in Wilthen also required no sound correction after casting
 2011 The Evangelican Holy Cross Church in Neuzelle receives two bells in addition to a historical one dating from the year 1555. With this, a total of 7 bells started ringing in the historical baroque Neuzelle monastery ensemble.
The Catholic Church in Berlin-Kaulsdorf receives a large three-chime system with a total weight of approx. 4,500 kg
2012 In addition to many single bells, the three-chime systems of Bärwalde (Lauterbach) and Magdeburg (St. Briccius) are worth highlighting from this year
 2013 The Evangelican Church of the railway town of Falkenberg/Elster receives two bells with a total weight of approx. 23,400 kg.
The bells of the cathedral of the Görlitz Diocese is complemented with two new castings
 2014 Among all the jobs completed in this year, two three-chime systems in East Saxony stand out. In the future, they will be sounding in Purschwitz and Großnaundorf.
After the first bronze bell from Lauchhammer (dated 1852) was cast for the Luther Church in Schwarzheide, the cemetery chapel in Schwarzheide West received a bell from Lauchhammer – built in 1928, it had never had a bell up until this point.
There have already been orders for the first bells to be cast in the year 2015. One particular highlight was the casting of the 800th bell in the spring.
It’s a domestic order, and the preparations for it are in progress