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Photo documentation

Bell casting in photo documentation

During the First World War, many bells were confiscated and melted down for the arms industry. With this, the demand for bells after 1917 was very high. This is why Linke-Hoffmann-Lauchhammer AG instituted a bell foundry in the Lauchhammer Art Foundry.

Under the scientific guidance of Mr. Prof. Biehle of Bautzen, excellent audio bells were cast in Lauchhammer. They sounded in famous churches such as Merseburg Cathedral, the Collegiate Church in Quedlinburg, the Church of Our Lady in Halberstadt, Castle Church in Wittenberg and Berlin Cathedral.

The Berlin Cathedral Bell, with a weight of over 3 tonnes, is the only remaining large bell from Lauchhammer. The only heavier bell was the large Wittenberg Bell, which weighed approx. 4.5 tonnes. Sadly, like most of the more than 500 bronze bells, it was taken from the towers and melted down. Today, there are only approx. 35 bronze bells remaining from this period which are a testament to the excellent sound qualities.

With the outbreak of the Second World War, bell casting in Lauchhammer took a new turn.

Since privatisation in 1993 we at Lauchhammer have once again been pouring bells using the traditional clay template moulding process – it is the only way to get bells which provide good music.



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