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St. Nikolai Church Eilenburg / Municipality Martin Rinkart. Neuguss September 2008

St. Nicholas Church Eilenburg / Municipality Martin Rinkart. Neuguss September 2008; New tones: b; c; d; to the old buildings: e; . g weight of the new bells: 4,9t

It was in the year 1834, 109 years after the founding of the Lauchhammer Art Foundry, that it was proven for the first time that it was possible to cast a bell from a still surviving cast iron bell, the grouting of which still hangs at the administrative building of the Lauchhammer plant. And this was how bell casting took its first step on its long, successful path.

The main focus of bell casting in our bell foundry is church bells manufactured using a clay template moulding process, belfries, chimes, tower clocks, bell-ringing systems and sound apertures, as well as their repair, maintenance and restoration. Our certified bell expert advises local communities.

Our "Church Bell Manufacturing" photo documentation provides information on the topic of bell casting.

Watch the video of the casting of the 700th bell since bell casting was resumed in 1994.

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